Monday, July 23, 2012

The Mayor is a Meower

Well, here's some interesting news.  In Talkeetna, AK, a cat has been the mayor for 15 years!  Apparently Mayor Stubbs was elected as write-in after the citizens of the town were dissatisfied with the human candidates.  He's been honorary mayor ever since.

Stubbs' position is really just a figure-head role since the town is considered a historical district, but the mayor takes his role very seriously.  The townspeople say he makes a great mayor stating that he "hasn't raised taxes, there's no sales tax, and he doesn't interfere with business." 

Mayor Stubbs has also been great at helping the tourist economy boom.  With over 10,000 fans on Facebook, Mayor Stubbs attracts about 30-40 people a day to the small town just to see him.  In his old age, though, Stubbs is avoiding some of the limelight, and is instead opting for long, afternoon naps.

All this makes me wonder, though, does Sarah Palin have some competition for most famous Alaskan politician?

Mayor Stubbs
Photo Courtesy of Facebook

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